TRU VIRTU Croco Black Cash & Cards Wallet - Leather Line

Tru Virtu

The new LEATHER LINE convinces with finest Italian leather in a classical look. It captivates with the ideal combination of leather and aluminium within one product and joins the advantage of both materials in a perfect way “Luxury meets Security”.

The LEATHER LINE presents the High-End line within the TRU VIRTU assortment. By coating the aluminium surface with leather the advantages of protective functionality remains. Available in many different styles and colors and 5 models

    TRU VIRTU Cash & Cards Wallet is the first aluminium wallet with integrated card and coin compartments.

    The patented storage system offers separate areas for CASH & CARDS - easy to open at the push of a button.

    • Coin compartment with slide-function to keep hard cash
    • Stainless steel pocket for banknotes (max. 6 banknotes, double folded)

    • User-friendly and space-saving storage for up to six credit cards
    • Additional space for receipts, business cards, etc.

    The Cash & Cards Wallet impresses with its multifunctionality and is ideal for people who like to keep it simple: the most important cards, a few banknotes, a little change and a couple of receipts.

    Color: Croco Black
    Dimensions: 69 x 115 x 28 mm
    Weight: 88 g 
    Model No. :
    Guarantee: 2 years Guarantee