Ögon Red Quilted Passport Wallet

Ögon Designs

This wallet is Compact, durable and light, designed to hold your passport, and it will travel with you wherever you go.

The contents of this passport wallet are easily accessible due to its 2-part design.

It has Protection from RFID theft so Your cards will be  protected from electronic data theft. 

With Safety Feature Against Electronic Data theft From Devices With RFID Waves

Packed in a dust bag,  in a black gift box.

RFID Safe: protects your cards and passport from fraud
Large capacity: passport, 15 cards and a few coins
Design & made in France, ultra resistant zip
Anodized aluminium, fabric interior
Colour: Black
Size: Passport
High Capacity: Around 15 cards, passport, bank notes, airline ticket, some coins...
Size of the documents (max): 12,5 x 8,8 cm
Weight : 190 gr
Warranty: Life time warranty


Clean your aluminium wallet with a soft cloth and window cleaner