TRU VIRTU Grey Fan Credit Card Case - Silk Line

Tru Virtu

The new SILK LINE convinces of its stylish matt surface which is created by a special complex treatment by handcraft. With its satin-finished special aluminium surface it presents the Premium Line within the TRU VIRTU® assortment.

Available in 5 different colors and 5 models

Thanks to the combination of anodized aluminium and high quality polymers all TRU VIRTU® products are extremely robust but lightweight and protect cards from:

  • Illegal scanning of personal data (RFID-scanning) Safety Feature Against Electronic Data theft From RFID Devices
  • Demagnetization (electromagnetic radiation)
  • Outside influences like splash water, sand, snow or mechanical load


Aluminium credit card case including 6-pocket-fan to store up to 10 cards (credit & cash cards mixed) or business cards, banknotes and receipts. 

Protects cards from demagnetisation & illegal scanning of personal data (RFID-Scanning).

Color: Grey
Dimensions: 68 x 104 x 20 mm / 2,68 x 4,09 x 0,79 inch 
Weight: 60 g
Model No. : 
Guarantee: 2 years Guarantee