Ögon Platinium Stockholm V2 Aluminum Wallet

Ögon Designs

The emblematic Stockholm reinvented: new design, new functionality! The Stockholm V2 is a stylish wallet for people who look for the best of modernity. It includes a steel lock and is water resistant.

This wallet has Quick and easy access to your cards, designed to open with one hand, Compact, durable and light.

It has Protection from RFID theft so Your cards will be  protected from electronic data theft.

With Safety Feature Against Electronic Data theft From Devices With RFID Waves

RFID Safe: protects your cards from fraud
Holds up to 10 credit cards
Practical, compact, resistant, very light
Anodized aluminum and polycarbonate
Colour: Platinum
Size: Credit card, Loyalty card, business card
Capacity: Around 10 cards
Size of the cards (max): 8,7 x 5,6 cm
Weight : 80 gr
Warranty: Life time warranty

Do not put your card case in contact with keys or metal objects.

Clean your aluminium wallet with a soft cloth and window cleaner.