Ögon Card case - Wallet i3C | CARBON EFFECT CARD CLIP

Ögon Designs

The i3C has the same design and features as the 3C, the world's smallest wallet, but made in a different material: with high density polycarbonate with a carbon effect. Thanks to its unique functional design, your cards slide out with a simple push. 

This card case wallet has Quick and easy access to your cards, designed to open with one hand, compact, durable and light.

It has Protection from RFID theft so Your cards will be protected from electronic data theft From Devices With RFID Waves

Holds 1 to 7 cards and banknotes
World's Smallest Wallet

RFID Safe : protects your cards from fraud
Designed & made in France,
Made of high-density polycarbonate / Carbon effect
Pattern : Taffeta
Size : Credit card
Capacity : 1 to 7 cards + banknotes
Size of the cards (max) : 8,7 x 5,6 cm
Weight : 21 gr
8 mm thickness when full
Ultra compact, high-tech, premium!
100% made in France
Luxury box
The wallet has 3 layers ( Carbon Fiber from outside that prevents your cards from bending and breaking - Aluminum RFID SAFE in the middle to protect your cards from fraud, personal data theft, and demagnetization - Micro Fiber from inside that protects your cards from scratches )
Ultra resistant and compact : scratch proof
Warranty: Life Time warranty
Do not put your card case in contact with keys or metal objects. Clean your wallet with a soft cloth and window cleaner.