DUN DUO - A Luxury Minimalist Travel Wallet.

DUN Wallets

The symmetrical double-zip design helps you to keep things together. Literally.

Handmade from gorgeous matte calf leather and YKK Excella™ zippers; the DUN DUO is a luxury minimalist travel wallet.

Thanks to the symmetrical double zip design, the DUN DUO fits all you need, including your smartphone, with a simplicity that just works.  

 Solid and smooth zippers Matte silver YKK Excella zippers match perfectly with the matte black calf leather. All your travel content is safely stored behind these durable and smooth operating zippers.  

Unique symmetrical double-zip design DUN DUO sets itself apart from all other travel wallets by it’s ultra minimalist symmetrical design. Two YKK Excella zippers create an entrance on both sides of the wallet; A phone pocket on one side, and two compartments on the other side for a passport and cash. Simple and effective.  

Keep it together The DUN DUO keeps all your travel essentials in one place; up to an iPhone 7+, boarding passes, money and a passport. Going through airports without the stressful thought of having left something behind, makes traveling more relaxed.

First class travel wallet The DUN DUO is made for travel. With its tapered edges the DUN DUO fits inside a coat or suit pocket with ease. Minimalist design and handmade from the best materials, means that you will use your DUN DUO for countless journeys to come.

Perfect blend between luxury and simplicity. Handmade from two premium matte black calf leather pieces stitched together perfectly. Stitch-less sides and the silver logo in the center emphasize the clean symmetrical design. The premium Japanese YKK Excella™ matte silver zippers are polished to avoid sharp edges. Not to mention the outstanding durability and smooth operation.  
Quality lining: Beautiful on the inside too.As much as we focused on the outside of DUN DUO™, we've spent a lot of effort on the inside too. A single piece of high quality lining creates a phone pocket on one side; the same pocket splits the other side into two compartments.
 DUN DUO™ is made to last We went all-out with the DUN DUO™. If there was an option for a higher quality material we took it. Just to give an idea: Our lining is used in $5000 watch cases and we picked the most expensive calf leather available. The result is a premium product that will last a very long time.
Color:  Matte Calf Leather
Logo: Silver
Leather: Handmade from top-grain calf leather
Height: 19 cm
Width: 11 cm
Thickness: 1 cm
Weight: 50 gr