" Authenticity is 100% guaranteed or your money back "

At Avellano Boutique we guarantee the authenticity and condition of all designer products we sell. We accurately and carefully describe our merchandise, there is no difference between photos and actual item, NO SURPRISES ! 
Why you should not be worried about anything you buy from Avellano Boutique ?

Avellano Boutique is authorized online retailer for many global designer brands we represent in The United Arab Emirates and other Middle East countries.

How we check ?

Despite that all our items are imported directly from the brands (we don't usually deal with any third parties) still we check each and every item to ensure the high quality & avoid any manufacturing defects before we even upload  it to our online store:

1) The Stitching: designer wallets will always have quality stitching because it is part of the designer's reputation to produce a quality item. 
2) Tags / Labels: we check the inside tags & outside tags as well because many designers include authenticity labels all over the wallet. 
3) The Material:  can tell a lot about the wallet's quality. e.g. If it's leather it should smell like leather. If it's supposed to be durable, it should be strong and well tanned. Items may be stamped "genuine  leather" or "genuine patent leather." as well.
4) Serial Number: Some wallets have date codes, heat stamps, holograms, scannable data chips, manufacturer’s numbers, etc. each brand mark it's wallets differently. 
5) The Lining: A real designer wallet will be lined with fabric, yet sometimes with leather or suede leather interior. We usually check the stitching of the lining if relevant, and observe if it is double stitching ( not always the case). 
6) Color Variations: although some variations will be blatant, others may be very subtle. 
7) The Hardware: whether it is light and has rough edges, etc 
8) Zipper Manufacturer: usually the underside of the zipper will have a logo. Many wallet manufacturers use the same high-quality zipper on all of their wallets.

In addition; the global designers we represent; they provide official warranties for their merchandise like :

Ögon Designs aluminum wallets 

Tru Virtu Hi-Tech wallets 

Dun Wallets

Of course, The best way to authenticate a wallet is to buy it from a credible source such as Avellano Boutique, we guarantee 100% authenticity, If you buy from smaller unknown sellers you will be always in risk of purchasing a counterfeit (fake) item.

If you are still not sure about your purchase from our online store, we can offer you a partial/full refund or exchange (Check our Return Policy)

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