About us

Avellano.co is a leading online shopping site in the middle east which was established in the United Arab Emirates in 2015 by a qualified team who is specialized in the fashion-tech niche, gadgets, inventions, cutting-edge trends and e-commerce industry.

We offer best & latest collections of minimalist wallets like smart hi-tech wallets, latest inventions, and more from designer international luxury and reputable brands.

We provide express shipping for our customers in UAE through our official store Avellano UAE on Amazon AE.

In Avellano.co we care about our customers experience by providing: latest advanced tools in the e-commerce industry like secure online shopping across mobile, tablet, and desktop, 24/7 customer care service, Cash on delivery service, and more to make the online shopping experience smoother, yet enjoyable.

Avellano.co represent best global designer brands which manufacture high-quality products like ÖGON Designs smart wallets, Tru Virtu hi-tech wallets, DUN Wallets (world's thinnest leather billfolds), Still more inventions and surprises on the way to enrich yet create happier societies.

Through Avellano.co you will be inspired by the latest trends.

Live The Style !