Valentino Impressionism Clutch


In elegant Saffiano design kept the "Impressionism" Clutch of VALENTINO thrilled with the fine shimmering appearance of high quality imitation leather. 

The refined design of the "Impressionism" Clutch of VALENTINO is indicative of this.With its removable wrist strap and adjustable, removable shoulder strap also you are given versatile carrying options, while the stable molding of imitation leather appealing practical features of VALENTINO Clutch complemented harmoniously. A generous storage space enriches the successful design of the Clutch addition.Completing the original design of the VALENTINO Clutch with its fine saffiano optics and the shiny metal decor, and a spacious VALENTINO emblem on the geometrically designed envelope.

- application: emblem
- equipment: storage bag
- width: 6 cm
- design: uni
- height: 16.5 cm
- Interior fittings: zipped compartment
- length : 28 cm
- wearing: Handle, shoulder strap
- lock-bag : magnetic snap button