Ögon Black Minisafe Aluminium Code Wallet

Ögon Designs

The Code Wallet is the ideal way to carry and protect your personal effects : cash, credit cards, driver's license... Featuring a 3 digit locking code, your belongings are locked away and out of the reach from unauthorized people.

The first pocket bank vault!
Secure your money with a code (1000 different combination possibilities). You can also close it, without lock it.

Metal lock, unlocking key included.

Extremely light thanks to its conception: injected polycarbonate core reinforced with a laminated aluminium shield.

Designed to be efficient and extremely practical in its handling, it can be opened with one hand revealing each card in a glance.

Protection from RFID theft - Your cards are protected from electronic data theft.

Eco-friendly: the packaging made from recycled materials is reusable. Do not discard in trash.
RFID Safe: protect your cards from fraud
Holds 7 credit cards + banknotes
The first pocket size vault, design & made in France
Anodized aluminium and polycarbonate
Colour: Black
Size : Bank notes, Credit card, Business card, ...
Capacity : 7 cards + bank notes
Size of the documents (max) : 7,3 x 9,2 cm
Weight : 100 gr
Warranty: Life time warranty

Do not put your card case in contact with keys or metal objects.

Clean your aluminium wallet with a soft cloth and window cleaner.

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