Carry what matters with DUN : world's thinnest leather billfold wallet

March 28, 2017

Carry what matters with DUN : world's thinnest leather billfold wallet

Men are constantly on the hunt for minimum functionality, tech-gadgets, and, cutting-edge inventions. And Wallets are no exception. When it comes to men's wallets, they are always essential & personal.

What if a wallet could have a minimalist interior that helps to keep it organised, thin, yet compact size. A wallet that is hidden against pickpocketing.




Dutch Design

Dun billfold wallet is the answer. In a dutch design that stands out with a combination of an elegant exterior and a minimalistic interior. It goes wherever you go and you will hardly notice. 






Incredibly Thin And Light

Ultra Thin 0.2" Thick still weighing at a single ounce that’s 28 grammes. Measurements: The compact size of 4 inches (10.5 cm) long and 3 inches (7.5 cm)


Carry what matters

Dun Carries your cards, cash, key, and coins. The signature triangular money strap combines two functions in one. Not only it holds up to 10 bills unfolded for easy access, but at the same time, it may carry a ticket, business card or receipt that you might need throughout the day. It even carries small change or a key. It has also 4 separate credit card slots.



Handmade in Europe.

DUN is handmade from premium natural grain leather by some of the best leather craftsmen in the world. The finest European genuine cow hides are selected with a beautiful natural grain to create leather with character. After extensive testing, the perfect balance is found between thickness and durability, therefore It's made from exceptional leather quality.


Attention to Detail

The stitching is done precisely all around and subtle grooves are added to highlight each credit card slot. The DUN logo is engraved in stainless steel which comes in either silver or gold to match the leather perfectly and gives DUN its unique premium feel. 




Place it wherever you want

Fits Easily In Your Front, Back Or Shirt Pocket.




DUN is a billfold

Which means that when closed, all content is discretely hidden from sight. Once you open it, you have an overview of everything you carry




DUN is made to hold Euro bills and most other currencies unfolded or folded once. The compact size and the fact that it's hidden against pickpocketing makes it the perfect wallet on your travels.   


RFID protection

The new Black Edition takes it even a step further; featuring the best German made RFID protective foil RFID  (Radio Frequency IDentification) Safe. Your cards are protected against digital theft (skimming). Nothing to worry about on your next trip




Finally, it’s up to how to use your DUN wallet; just make sure to carry what matters. DUN wallet in a few words is The perfect everyday carry.

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