RFID-Safe Wallets | What does that mean !

September 17, 2017

RFID-Safe Wallets | What does that mean !

What is RFID:

It is a wireless data transport mechanism

RFID = Radio Frequency Identification


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Passive tags collect energy from a nearby RFID reader's interrogating radio waves. RFID is one method for automatic identification and data capture.


What is inside the RFID system?




Most RFID technology is inserted inside passive tags, labels or chips. Manufacturers and retailers insert this chip in books, items in a shopping mall, in passports ( Since August 2007, all U.S. passports have been embedded with RFID chip, intended to deter fraud and improve security. The chip contains the same information as on the passport's picture page, including a digital version of your passport photograph) also on inventory in a warehouse, or on a card likRFID credit cards that let you make payments just by touching the card to a scanner rather than swiping across or inserting into a terminal. As with most kinds of contactless payment methods, they’re designed for convenience.


RFID Chip-Enabled Credit Cards:

A contactless smart card uses the 13.56-MHz frequency spectrum and is typically the same size as a normal credit card.

These cards use the RFID radio technology to send data over a short distance through the air, through your clothing or even through your wallet. RFID chip-enabled cards are very common now and you can tell if a card is enabled because it will have a logo printed on it such as Visa Paywave, MasterCard PayPass, American Express ExpressPay, Discover Zip or simply a horizontal Wi-Fi style symbol.

This technology could be legal scanning of your information like making a payment willingly, using your commute card to enter a building or at the metro station..etc

Or Illegal scanning of personal data (RFID -scanning) when an individual use a device with radio waves to grant your information and use them without your consent. This could happen by just holding the device and passing near you anywhere in the mall, airport..etc Stop being a victim!

RFID-Safe Wallets:

Fortunately, radio waves are relatively easy to interrupt and block. Lately, companies competed in innovating new wallets that have RFID-Safe feature. This anti breach technology will stop anyone from obtaining your information. wireless readers will not get through RFID protection

These wallets are constructed to be a Faraday cage, they will block all electromagnetic fields and prevent communication between your cards and RFID scanners. Made from a fully sealed aluminum-polymer-compound.





Aluminium has many advantages: it's light, resistant, rust-resistant and 100% recyclable. It is also a durable and eco-friendly material. Using this material is a real innovation and an alternative to leather.

 Smart ( Hi-Tech ) Wallets Super Power:

These wallets Have The Following Features:

1- RFID-Safe: The aluminum is what keeps the scanner’s radio waves from getting in touch with the RFID-chip and thereby blocks the scanning and protects the stored data.

2- Against demagnetization: these wallets will protect banking cards from electromagnetic radiation and therefore from demagnetization, which can be caused not only by mobile phones and notebooks but also through magnets from purses and wallets.

3- Mechanical protection: Compared to regular wallets and purses made from leather, aluminum cases also protect their entire content against mechanical damage e.g. breaking apart and denting, weather-related influences such as snow, rain, sand, and liquids.

Choices Per Your Style:

TRU VIRTU® products meet the highest safety standards and were successfully tested in the USA according to the "GSA-Opaque Sleeve" method. TRU VIRTU wallet is the perfect "pocket-safe" in mini-format.



Ögon Designs invented the concept of smart wallet in 2004. All products are certified RFID-Safe since 10 years. Yet to ensure excellence, since 2015 ögon products are made in France and assembled in facilities in Normandy (France). Smart wallets for smart people.



The new Black Edition by Dun Wallets takes it even a step further; featuring the best German made RFID protective foil  (Radio Frequency IDentification) Safe. Your cards are protected against digital theft (skimming). Nothing to worry about on your next trip

Are you still happy and convinced with your old wallet, Did anyone scan your data without your knowledge today? Join the trend & be smart. After all, piece of mind is priceless. It all comes down to how risk-tolerant are you?
Some technical information mentioned on this blog; picked by our blogging team from the represented brands; for support and clarification. 

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