DUN FOLD - World's first contactless wallet

August 20, 2017

DUN FOLD - World's first contactless wallet

With technology rapid advancement, fashion designers began to focus on modern functional hi- tech products. where items combine smart technical features with luxe production materials like leather. Therefore DUN™ a luxury travel brand present you to the most capable minimalist wallet out there. Previously they perfected the world's thinnest leather billfold. In this latest generation, DUN is compact, beautiful and efficient as ever. Dutch design at it's best.

DUN FOLD | Minimalist Dutch Design


Color:  Matte Black Leather
Clip: Gun Metal
Height: 9 cm 
Width: 6 cm (19 cm when opened) 
Thickness: 0.7 cm





Effortless commuting with the quick slot

DUN FOLD's quick slot optimises the use of your contactless card, making it very easy for you to commute

 Always secure with RFID pocket

DUN FOLD's 'RFID pocket' is lined with the best RFID blocking foil available. This pocket secures 1-2 cards against RFID skimming. The RFID pocket is positioned in the center of the wallet so that the cards in the front and back pocket don’t interfere with each other; optimizing the use of contactless payments.

 Easy access cash strap

Our signature cash strap makes surall international bill sizes fit without folding. It can comfortably keep 8 bills or more. In case you’re not using cash, you can fit an extra 2 cards behind the cash strap. The cash strap is also a great place to temporarily store a ticket, receipt or business card.


Carry what matters

DUN FOLD has 3 card slots that fit 2 cards each. The cash strap is designed to hold 8 bills or 2 cards extra in case you're not using cash much. Ideally, you want to carry as less as possible, so get rid of as many cards as you can. Also, your coins and keys have to find a place elsewhere to stay.


  Handmade in Europe

DUN is handmade from premium natural top grain leather by some of the best leather craftsmen in the world. The perfect balance is found between thickness and durability, The minimalist design of the DUN FOLD works in unison with the gorgeous matte black leather and gun metal clip to create a modern elegant wallet. DUN FOLD’s quality is up there with the top luxury brands


Dun is a billfold

The DUN FOLD has a unique tri-fold design that can keep all your essentials, but still remains very compact and discreet. Once you open it, you have an overview of everything you carry



DUN is made to hold Euro bills and most other currencies unfolded or folded once. Up to 8 bills. The compact size and the fact that it's hidden against pickpocketing makes it the perfect wallet on your travels.   




When we say the DUN FOLD is ultra-compact, it means as compact as absolutely possible. Now, are you ready for this new chapter? 
this is a wallet for life with un conventional design and dynamic usability.

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